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Reportedly to Be Releasing a New Album, Tiffany Sets to Meet with New Music in June


| 14 Jun, 2018

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Tiffany will be greeting fans through a comeback real soon.

Tiffany is now under her new agency, Paradigm Talent Agency which houses over 1000 artists and musicians worldwide, naming Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz as two of the many. Following this news, fans are greeted with another surprise as she is reportedly making a summer comeback. 

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Tiffany's new album is set to release on June 28th, titled 'Over My Skin.'

Image Source: Paragidm Talent Agency

This comeback will be her first official release in her new agency, her second comeback after debuting solo through 'I Just Wanna Dance,' back in 2016.

Are you excited about it?

Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN

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