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Responded a Comment of Him Being Gentle, ASTRO`s Eunwoo Gave Fans a Skip of Their Heart


/  7 May, 2018

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Eunwoo says he is not gentle. 

On a solo V live broadcast ASTRO's Eunwoo did, the member shared how he got hiccups after eating spicy food and there was a comment sent in that went, "Gentle eunwoo that can't eat spicy food." 

The word that describes a person's tastebud being mild is the same word that could be used for describing someone gentle. With that Eunwoo responded with a teasing eye smile and went, "My tastebud are gentle but I am not gentle...!" 

Image Source: V LIVE 'ASTRO' Screenshot

Watch the moment starting from the 21:08 mark in the video above! 

Source: [V LIVE] ASTRO 

Thumbnail Credit: Cherubic eunwoo

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