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SEVENTEEN's Best Hairstyle since Their Debut in 2015


| 18 Jun, 2018

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The SEVENTEEN members have gone through many hair changes since their debut in 2015.

With a group of 13 members, it can be difficult to pick a favorite hairstyle that the members have tried out. However, we've gone through the eras and decided which hairstyles we think fit the members best. Scroll below to see some of our favorite hairstyles the SEVENTEEN members have tried!

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1. S.Coups' black hair with a hint of forehead

Image Source: My Miracle

2. We also miss Wonwoo's forehead


3. Mingyu can work any hairstyle he's had, but we will never forget his 'Mansae' era blue hair

Image Source: 드리민규

4. Most any short haircut looks cute on Vernon, but we appreciate the 'Pretty U' one the most, since it came after the 'Mansae' hair that we don't talk about


5. Jeonghan can also work most any hairstyle, but for this post, we're going to go with his short blonde hair... and glasses


Image Source: Moment

6. Joshua surprised us with how well he could pull off peachy-pink hair

Image Source: THINK OF ME

7. Woozi's pink hair will forever remain iconic

Image Source: woozi_mommy

8. DK hasn't switched his hair up too much, but any dark hair color with FOREHEAD is beautiful on him

Image Source: Heart to Heart

9. Seungkwan's blonde hair was precious, please protect him at all costs


10. Yet another member who can work most any hairstyle is Jun. However, his 'Highlight' blue hair reminded us of an anime character

Image Source: Youtube '1theK (원더케이)' Screenshot

11. Hoshi's dark hair is a blessing

Image Source: STARRY NIGHT

12. I can't believe I'm saying this, but for The8... I stan mullet hair Minghao 

Image Source: LALUCE_8

13. Dino's cute 'Very Nice' look with a 'lil' forehead poking out and a headband 

Image Source: HEART RATE

Source: [Youtube] SEVENTEEN
Thumbnail Credit: SEVENTEEN Facebook, monoclassic, splash rain

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