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SEVENTEEN`s Hoshi Shared the SHINee`s Song He Felt Touched Seeing It Live with SHINee Performing It Together


/ 19 May, 2018

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Hoshi reminisced his memory from the last SHINee concert he attended. 

In a recent episode of 'SVT Club,' the members each shared the song that find 'hip' with the theme of the day being 'hipster.' Hoshi who is a proud SHINee fan himself, detailedly mentioned the one song that he recalled feeling touched when he saw the SHINee members performing it together at their concert in 2016. 

Hoshi went "It was from their 'Juliette' album, their 2nd mini album? It was the 5th or 6th track (in the album). 'Romeo + Juliette' is really good but this wasn't shown much on stage as a group because senior SHINee has a lot of songs. Then, 2 years back, they performed this song at the Korean concert for the first time. Wow, I went that time and I heard it and I was like 'Wow...!' I really liked it! It was being revealed for the first time and I am seeing it with my own eyes!" 

Image Source:  V LIVE 'SEVENTEEN' Screenshot

Vernon asked "It was the first time they revealed it?" to which was then immediately corrected by Hoshi that "Senior Taemin did it for his solo stage before but it was the first time as a group."

Watch the moment at the 5:13 mark in the video above! 


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