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SEVENTEEN`s Hoshi and Ji Seokjin Shared How Warm SHINee Members` Personalities are in a Radio Show


| 10 Aug, 2018

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Hoshi and Ji Seokjin talked about SHINee on a recent radio show. 

SEVENTEEN recently made their comeback with 'Oh My!' and guested on Ji Seokjin's '2 P.M. Date' radio show on July 25th. Only Seungkwan, Hoshi, Dino, and Wonwoo guested on the show on this day and the members went through a round of 'True or False' segment.

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During this segment, Hoshi was being asked "As SHINee's fan, I can dance SHINee's dance better than SHINee," when the SEVENTEEN member replied, "False!" He explained that it's because the amount of time used in practice and the details are definitely different. 

Following that, Hoshi was being asked who in SHINee does he like and he replied, "I like all SHINee hyungs," and added that "Hyungs contacted me this time and said that it(their new song)'s really good and that they are watching over us well." 

Image Source: Youtube 'OW N' Screenshot 

To this, Ji Seokjin shared that "I have never seen them getting mad before, they are always very sweet. Even though, it's not easy to get mad on broadcasts..." when Hoshi added that "They are very kind." 

Watch the moment at the 24:37 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] OW N

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