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SEVENTEEN`s Mingyu was Seen Adorably Making the Same Post `Mistake` as Super Junior`s Yesung


/  6 Dec, 2018

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Cursive writing is confusing for everyone.

SEVENTEEN's Mingyu has recently posted a neon post onto his Instagram and it gained attention more than usual. Mingyu posted that neon sign with a caption that went, "Less Thinking more Working" when the neon sign doesn't read what wrote. The neon sign actually says, 'Less Thinking more Drinking' instead. 

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Fans left comments under the post, some trying to tell Mingyu that he might have interpreted it wrongly while some just went, "Don't tell him." This actually reminded netizens and maybe fans too of a similar incident that happened last year by Super Junior's Yesung. The Super Junior member too, posted a neon sign with his caption 'Good luck today' when the neon sign actually shows 'f*ck' instead. 

Image Source: Twitter 'shfly3424' Screenshot 

Yesung was totally not aware of the letters before he posted and fans totally understand his small intention to cheer fans up for their day and claimed that it is indeed hard to read cursive writing even for native English speakers. This could be happening the same for Mingyu too. 

What do you think?

Source: [Youtube] DANDELION민들레 & [Instagram] min9yu_k

Thumbnail Credit: joiedv406, Yeouljida

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