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SEVENTEEN`s Seungkwan Accidentally Elbowed Mingyu and Here`s the Level of Affection He Gave in Respond


| 10 Aug, 2018

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Seungkwan was about to stick himself onto Mingyu. 

Coming back with their latest release, 'Oh My!,' SEVENTEEN held a fan sign on July 21st to commemorate the release. At the end of the fan sign, the members gathered in a row to talk to their fans at the venue when Mingyu and Seungkwan could be seen bickering with each other. 

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They were trying to surprise each other with their elbows being so close at hitting their face when Mingyu actually received an elbow on his left cheek. Seungkwan was surprised himself when he slowly sticks himself onto Mingyu, expressing his apologetic self to the latter. 

Image Source: Youtube 'JustA Fangirl' Screenshot

Watch the moment starting from the 1:44 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] JustA Fangirl

Thumbnail Credit: Bootiful Day, hikarin____0223

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