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SEVENTEEN`s Seungkwan Danced to EXO CBX`s [Kaching] without Any Music Played


/ 11 Mar, 2018

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'Kaching' rang in Seungkwan's mind during a game. 

The boys were playing charade in their special clip with 'News Ade.' The8 was doing the charades all alone when the members got Seungkwan to join him. Seungkwan was making his way to The8 when the members said, "Together! Together" The word 'together' in Korean is pronounced as, 'Katchi' which sounded very much like 'Kaching.' 

Image Source: Youtube '유은진' Screenshot 

Out of nowhere, Seungkwan started dancing to EXO CBX's Japanese release, 'Kaching's choreography without any music. 

Image Source: Youtube 'lovely eco' Screenshot 

Watch the moment at the 0:10 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 유은진

Thumbnail Credit: Bootique

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