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SEVENTEEN`s Seungkwan Gave a Refreshing Cover of Taeyeon`s [Fine]... Making You Desperate for a Studio Version


/ 4 Jun, 2018

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Seungkwan sings to Taeyeon's 'Fine.' 

Seungkwan took the time on a recent V app broadcast not to only greet fans but also presented them with his song covers. 

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Seungkwan was seen in his comfortable clothing and a thin frame specs as he meddled his phone before the accompaniment for Taeyeon's sweet track, 'Fine' came on. Seungkwan, who always had a higher vocal tone sang the song smoothly and at the same time, giving off his own vocal vibe to the song. 

Image Source: Youtube '뿌야레몬콜라' Screenshot 

Watch the cover in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 뿌야레몬콜라

Thumbnail Credit:  BOO-bit

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