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SEVENTEEN`s The8 Got a Hilarious Warning from Mingyu on His Birthday Post


| 15 Apr, 2018

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Mingyu is SO ready for The8's birthday.

SEVENTEEN's The8 uploaded a picture of Mingyu with both of his cheeks pinched by two hands, captioned, "Happy birthday bro~9_9."

However, despite it being a birthday post for him, Mingyu did not look at all pleased with this treatment he got for his birthday. 

Image Source: Youtube ' xuminghao_o' Screenshot

Leaving comments under the post, Mingyu firstly thanked The8 for the birthday wish and left another comment for him to, "Do look forward to your birthday" hinting a possible payback. 

Source: [Youtube] katelyn t & [Instagram] xuminghao_o
Thumbnail Credit: Begin Again
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