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SEVENTEEN`s Vernon had to Draw Hoshi But It Took Him 3 Warnings to the Latter to Keep Him Still


|  7 Jul, 2018

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Hoshi needs to move. 

In an episode of SEVENTEEN's Spin Off, the boys gathered in an art studio where they took this opportunity to draw sketches, using each other as models. 

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Vernon got Hoshi as his model and it wasn't even far into the drawing when Hoshi could be seen moving already. Vernon immediately went, "Hyung, stay still" but Hoshi commented that "I have to talk to Carats, don't I..." 

Image Source: Youtube 'SEVENTEEN' Screenshot 

Vernon was not taking that for an excuse and just went, "Stay still" before giving the third warning when Hoshi attempted to even wave his hands to the camera, greeting Carats. 

Watch the moment at the 16:59 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] SEVENTEEN

Thumbnail Credit: starry night, ai_svt

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