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SEVENTEEN's Vernon wasn't Able to Start His Speech Because Carats were Totally Distracted with What was Shown on Screen


/  7 Jun, 2018

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Vernon's face appeared on the big screen and it's not helping him at all. 

At a Japanese event SEVENTEEN held, they took turns to read out the diary they wrote the future self and it was Vernon's turn before he stood in front of the mic.

However, the moment Vernon was about to read from his book, his face was projected on the big screen behind him and Japanese fans went, "Wow...!" totally distracted. Due to the commotion that was caused by his own face, Vernon was not able to continue immediately. 

Image Source: Youtube 'GOD VERNON' Screenshot

His members could be seen turning behind to take a look too. Watch the moment at the start of the video above!

Source: [Youtube] GOD VERNON

Thumbnail Credit: vermillion boy, destined to be 17

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