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SF9`s Inseong Made a Rap... Based on NCT`s Jaehyun`s Visual


|  6 Apr, 2018

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Inseong was requested to show a little rap with the theme 'Jaehyun.'

On SF9's appearance on NCT's 'Night Night' radio, the DJs and the members were talking about how Inseong would bring up the atmosphere when another member is being quiet. It was then when Jaehyun asked if he does it with his freestyle rap. Inseong spontaneously voiced out that he had it prepared during the radio show, with Jaehyun as the theme.

Inseong went, "DJ Jaehyun. If handsome is a crime, you will be charged guilty." Seeing the cold responses in the room, his members teased that "I think it's because he just woke up..."

Watch the moment at the 12:58 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] JYHG 재윤한기

Thumbnail Credit: The Starry Night

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