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SF9`s Taeyang Shared the First Thing He Did the Moment of EXO`s [Love Shot]`s Release Despite Being Busy


/ 22 Dec, 2018

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Duty call as EXOL comes first. 

SF9 members had a V live recently and knowing how huge of a fanboy Taeyang is, there were comments mentioning EXO’s recent repackage release ‘Love Shot’ that Taeyang did a dance cover to it too, soon after it’s release. To this, Jaeyoon brought up an incident that happened to him with Taeyang on the day of the song’s release. 

Jaeyoon went, “I was going to watch it(EXO’s ‘Love Shot’ clip) so I called Taeyang over but he keeps stopping it. So I was like ‘Why do you keep stopping the clip!’ and he said that he hasn’t watch it himself and even with hyung just watching it, he doesn’t want to see it so in the end, I couldn’t watch it too.”

Image Source: V LIVE ‘SF9’ Screenshot 

To this, Taeyang commented that “I was busy with other things when it was out and the notification came on too so I was like ‘Oh!’ but because I can’t watch it immediately, I made the streaming list first,” and added that “I am going to watch it properly after this ends.” 

He knows the protocol well. 

Source: [V LIVE] SF9

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