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SHINee Gets Honoured with an Ambassador Award as MICE`s First Korean Ambassador at Its Opening Ceremony


/ 14 Jun, 2018

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Take a close look at the opening ceremony of the special event. 

SHINee was previously announced to have been appointed as the MICE's first honorable Korean ambassador and the members attended the opening ceremony which was held on June 14th.

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The members have been chosen for the recognition they have worldwide. With them constantly being ahead of the rest in terms of their fashion and music, the 11th year group definitely played a huge role in the scene. SHINee joined the opening ceremony of the event that was held at Incheon Songdo Convensia and received the award for their ambassador appointment.

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SHINee has started their promotion for 'I Want You' which is the title track for the 2nd episode of their triple relay 6th album release, 'The Story of Light.'

Source: [Youtube] Dubu Dirori

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