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SHINee`s Key Had a Problem with His Mic and This was Immediately What Onew Did


| 11 Mar, 2018

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Key was having problems with his head mic and Onew immediately went over to help. 

SHINee held their 'SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 From Now On~' concert in Osaka and Tokyo respectively back in February. On the first day of their Tokyo Dome concert, Key was about to greet their fans when his mic was projecting his voice in a weird way. 

Key was about to realize it when Onew walked over to his side with his head mic facing outwards for the younger to use. Key was about to use it when a staff ran over and passed him a hand mic in time. 

Image Source: Youtube '바지진영이' Screenshot

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] Elsa Apriani

Thumbnail Credit: Onbom, Keysyou

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