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SHINee`s Key Made Fans` Heart Warmed up when He Revealed What He Did with His Halloween 1st Place Prize


|  6 Dec, 2018

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Key shared what he did with the prizes he was awarded at a recent Halloween event. 

Key who recently made his solo debut with an album titled 'FACE' and its title track, "One of Those Nights' appeared on a recent episode of 'Section TV.' The SHINee member talked about his new release and more of his album preparation process too. Of course, it was inevitable that Key's legendary Halloween makeover was being mentioned too. 

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Key explained how he went through the process of hiring the actual makeover team for his Voldermort makeover at SMTOWN's Halloween party this year and how he finally got the 1st place after many years of hard work. He shared the prize he got as 1st consisted of 2 to-and-fro business class air tickets to the Maldives and a 3-night stay at the Finolhu Maldives villa. 

Image Source: Youtube 'MBCentertainment' Screenshot 

He then added that "I gave them to my parents" making him an even more perfect person with that filial gesture he showed. 

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertainment

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram 'bumkeyk,' 'lovegame1077'

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