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SHINee`s Key Revealed the Reason Why EXO`s Chanyeol Didn`t Participate in the Halloween Party This Year


/  7 Nov, 2018

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Key shared the behind story of Chanyeol’s absence from the recent Halloween party.

SHINee’s Key, BoA, NCT’s Jaehyun and Taeyong, EXO’s Baekhyun and Sehun as well as Lee Sugeun will be appearing on the upcoming episode of ‘Happy Together 4.’ Key who has been the talk of the town every Halloween for the high quality makeover he does every year was being mentioned about his first win after years of attending the party.

Image Source: Instagram ‘SMTOWN’ 

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Key shared that “For my makeover this time as Voldemort, I personally got the ‘Comedy League’ makeover team with my own money.” The SHINee member also shared a little behind story about Chanyeol who he considers as a rival that “Chanyeol who got first place as Iron Man last year prepared Deadpool’s costume this time. However, because of the delay at the custom, he wasn’t able to attend this time.” 

Image Source: Instagram ‘real_pcy’ 

The episode will be aired on November 8th at 11:10 P.M KST. 

Source: [Youtube] SHINeeworld

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram ‘SMTOWN,’ ‘real_pcy’ 

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