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SHINee`s Key Shared the Thing That Carats do, Knowing That SEVENTEEN`s Hoshi is a Shawol


| 10 Jul, 2018

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Every Carat knows how big of a Shawol Hoshi is. 

On SEVENTEEN's Hoshi's appearance on 'Amazing Saturday' that SHINee's Key was a cast on, the topic of Hoshi being a huge fan of SHINee was being brought up to the table. 

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Hoshi shared that "I grew up watching senior SHINee since I was young." To this, Key shared the thing that Carats did for Hoshi, knowing that he is a Shawol.

Image Source: Youtube 'tvN' Screenshot 

The SHINee member shared that "It was to the extent that SEVENTEEN fans would gift Hoshi our light stick to him when they go to SEVENTEEN's fan sign. They would be like 'We know you like SHINee so here is...' We have our own goods, don't we?" 

The cast made Hoshi chose between Key and Hanhae, who Hoshi is a fan of too and he chose Key. 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] tvN

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