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SHINee`s Key Wore a Top That No One Could Have Pulled off If They Aren`t Kim Kibum


/ 15 Jun, 2018

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Key once again, proved the fashionista he is.

SHINee had a pre-listening press conference for the 2nd episode of their 'The Story of Light' triple relay release on June 11th, 2 hours ahead of its official release.


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On this day, Key was seen in a green shirt with a blue shirt seemingly hanging on top of it like another level when it's actually one together. It is a 'Double Shirt' from the brand, 'BALENCIAGA.'

Image Source: bum to shine

Despite it being a shirt from a well-known brand, the style of the shirt sure wasn't the kind that anyone would wear on a daily basis. However, this shirt was smoothly pulled off by the SHINee member. He wore the exact outfit for a later schedule on the same day as well.

Image Source: 에포크

Fans left comments like "Wow... As expected from Key" and "I wouldn't wear that anywhere..." on this particular styling.

Source: [Youtube] SM FAMILY
Thumbnail Credit: bumtoshine

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