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SHINee`s Taemin Came out 1st as the Idol who is Both Successful in His Group as well as a Solo Artist in a Recent Voting


| 30 Nov, 2018

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Taemin does not only ace as SHINee's maknae but also as a solo artist himself. 

There are many idol group members who debuted solo after to have promoted with their group for a period of time. A few to name recently that have just made their solo debut would be SHINee's Key, WINNER's Mino and BLACKPINK's Jennie. It's not easy to actually be able to excel with your group in your group, let alone being a successful solo artist. A recent voting took place with the title 'The Idol That is Successful Both in Their Group and as a Solo is?' and here are the results.

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Image Source: Twitter 'SHINee' 

Taemin stood strong, coming out as 1st with 33.55% of the vote. Debuted back in 2008, Taemin showed his various charms and of course, endless improvement to never fail to impress. He took on another step with his solo debut in 2014 and seized the scene with his unique performance that no one would disagree of him having the title of 'Performance King.' 

Coming in 2nd place is INFINITE's Woohyun with 27.3%, Super Junior's Kyuhyun with 17.64%, Highlight's Yoseob in 4th place, APink's Eunji in 5th, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon in 6th, BIGBANG's GDragon in 7th, Sunmi in 8th, Chungha in 9th and Zico in 10th place. 

Well done all!


Thumbnail Credit: INTAEMIN, HolyBlood

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