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SHINee`s Taemin to Remake a Legendary Commercial from 1989 Every Korean Know about


|  5 Feb, 2018

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SHINee's Taemin has been chosen for 'Reebok,' and he will remake the commercial from 29 years ago.

The SHINee maknae will model the brand's upcoming campaign, 'Always Classic.' It has been confirmed that Taemin will release a commercial film for Reebok. People get excited much as it has been revealed that the CF will be a remake of the popular commercial in 1989. Back then, the commercial was so popular, and the "chair performance" in the clip had brought a huge influence on young people.

Image Source: Reebok

One representative from the brand said, "We have selected Taemin to represent the brand as he is a style icon and he has calmative music." The representative continued, "People can anticipate on Taemin's new and fresh appearance in the campaign."

Are you looking forward for this, people?

Source: [Youtube] 옛날TV

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