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SISTAR`s One Last Special Stage on [M! Countdown] Stirs up Emotion


|  2 Jun, 2017

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SISTAR put one last special stage on 'M! Countdown.' 

On June 1st, the girl group gave fans a sweet-yet-heart breaking treat on the music show. SISTAR perform a medley of their hit summer songs, 'Touch My Body,' 'Loving U,' and 'Shake It.' While the special stage supposed to be heart-fluttering, their special stage definitely make fans' heart aching. 

Image Source: Youtube 'M2' Screenshot

The reason is none other than the fact that SISTAR is going to be disbanded soon. Several top-voted comments are "Summer must be SISTAR, no other artist can do any better", "Now I will listen to SISTAR's song every summer", "SISTAR will be remembered as a legend," and more.

Check out SISTAR's special stage in the video above!

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Source: [Youtube] M2
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