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SONEs Feedback on the Lack of Official Light Stick and Fan Club Openings to YoonA at a Recent Fan Meet... This was How She Responded


|  9 Jun, 2018

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YoonA has been well-informed. 

YoonA met up with her fans at a recent fan meeting she had and SONEs told her their concerns as a fan. 

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A male fan started saying that "I think it's a problem that SM is not doing their job. They haven't been recruiting the 2nd generation of SONE for 10 years! I would like to join in as a SONE!" Another  female fan brought up that "Please give us our official light stick! 13,000won is really expensive!" 

To this, this was how YoonA responded. 

YoonA: "That's right."

MC: "They are asking for a 2nd generation of SONE...? 2nd generation of SONE!"

YoonA: "2nd generation of SONE!"

MC: "Light stick!"

YoonA: "Light stick! But the light stick is a little expensive. I shall try to talk to them about it. I shall put it into the suggestion box. Ah...Again, again today SM is not doing their job they say... SM again today..."

YoonA saw someone who had their light stick flew out while waving it and she said, "The light stick flew out while he/she was waving it today. It costed 13,000won though... SM goods are really expensive... The price of the goods... Do lower them a little... Ah SM, I shall have to talk to them."

The MC re-mentioned that "There's no official light stick!" which YoonA asked "We don't have one right! We also use that kind (stick light stick) and the light goes off! Ah... I will try talking to them..."

Image Source: SMTOWN

Hope that they will get their official light stick soon! 

Source: [Youtube] 묭덕, Lee Min Na

Thumbnail Credit: Chunyoon

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