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Sasaeng Fans Keep Following ASTRO, Cha Eunwoo Asked This Question to Them


| 18 Jan, 2018

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ASTRO's Cha Eunwoo has showed his curiosity towards sasaeng fans (fanatic fans who often cause disturbance).

Recently, a photo of Cha Eunwoo's question to fans was up on one online community. Cha Eunwoo wrote, "How do you all know our private schedules?" The question was up to fulfill fans' request to Cha Eunwoo, to reveal what he is curious about fans.  

Image Source: Instiz

Up until now, it is still unclear what Cha Eunwoo's intention behind his question. It's not a secret anymore that some sasaeng fans are able to know idols' schedule although it's not revealed to public. In worse situation, it's even possible for sasaeng fans to follow the artists 24 hours and disturb their private life.

What do you think about this, people?

Source: [Youtube] MBCentertain 

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