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Seolhyun`s Visual Unfazed by Her, for a Good Reason, Bloated Face


| 21 Dec, 2017

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Seolhyun was recently spotted with a slight bloated face. 

Seolhyun was at departing from Gimpo airport on December 15th for 'FNC Kingdom in Japan.' She arrived at the airport with one side of her face looking bloated. The idol has just got her wisdom tooth plucked out which resulted in the bloating. 

However, despite the pain, she still waved and smiled to her face while occasionally supporting the side of her face with a hand. Not only fans but netizens too, are stunned by how she looked just as amazing even with her swollen jaw. 

Image Source: seolhyun_kr

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Source: [Youtube] MoreForms Media 魔方全媒

Thumbnail Credit: seolhyun_kr

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