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Seungri Hilariously Joked That He is Tired of Being BIGBANG`s Maknae, Explained Why YG is Better Than SM


| 27 Sep, 2018

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Seungri talked about how he thinks about BIGBANG and YG Entertainment. 

On SBS'  aired the special Chuseok variety show 'I Will Win You Over with My Channel,' Seungri made a special appearance as MC Kang Hodong visited his house. During the talk, Kang Hodong, who is under SM Entertainment C&C, asked Seungri to tell him 3 things YG is better than SM. 

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Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Entertainment' Screenshot

Seungri started in hesitation, saying, "I have to mention three? I'm not sure if I can..." He then said, "Yang Hyunsuk is smart." Kang Hodong rebutted, "So is ours." Seungri continued, "YG makes good music." Once again, Kang Hodong fired back and said that his agency also can make good music. 

Seungri then jokingly told Hodong, "I'll transfer (to SM) if I can be the leader. I don't like being the maknae (in BIGBANG) anymore. I want to have it all." He then said, "But I love GDragon, my leader forever."

Source: [Youtube] SBS Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: YG Entertainment, ACETORY

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