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Seungri Jokingly Said He Wishes Other BIGBANG Members Enlisted in the Military Longer


| 21 Aug, 2018

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Seungri brought laughter with his comments on the other BIGBANG members' military service.

On the August 20th episode of JTBC's 'Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,' Seungri came as the guest, together with MAMAMOO's Hwasa. He talked about being the youngest member in BIGBANG, and how things have changed after all of his hyungs in the group enlist in the military -- how his popularity grows from time to time.

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Image Source: JTBC

Seungri explained, "It was different back then. When I was promoting with BIGBANG, a lot of people asked me whether GDragon is really cool in real life. I have received many calls only for that." He then jokingly said, "I wonder why the period for the military service is reduced." For your information, the period for the mandatory military service period was reduced to 18 months (previously 21 months), starting from October 2018. 

On the other hand, Seungri, who was born in 1990, will also enlist in the military sometime soon. Back in March 2018, YG Entertainment revealed, "Seungri will go to the military after he finishes all his solo album promotions."

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Entertainment

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