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Sexual Harasser of AOA`s Seolhyun has Been Sentenced to Six Months in Prison


| 23 Oct, 2018

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The man who sexually harassed AOA's Seolhyun online has been sentenced to jail. 

On October 23rd, Seolhyun's agency, FNC Entertainment, announced, "Back in April, we had criminal charges pressed against a man who sent sexually inappropriate and offensive messages and videos several times to Seolhyun's Instagram account. The Incheon District Court has recently sentenced the defendant to six months in prison with two years of probation."

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Image Source: TV REPORT

Similarly, FNC Entertainment is also working on the case of the man who illegally edited photos of Seolhyun and spread it online. The agency revealed that they are still waiting for the court's decision.

FNC Entertainment concluded in their statement, "As we have revealed on several occasions, we will take strong legal action without any leniency against all criminal acts that take place online. Also, we will take continuous effort to protect the basic rights and interests of our artists and improve the problematic cyberculture."

Source: [Youtube] SPHiNX

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