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Sojin`s Contract with Dream T Entertainment Ends Next Month, Girl`s Day`s NOT to Disband


| 12 Jan

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Girl's Day's group activities will continue.

On January 11th, Girl's Day leader Sojin's contract with Dream T Entertainment reported expiring this February. The agency has now revealed that Sojin decided not to renew the contract. Following Sojin's contract expiration, the other members' contracts will also expire soon. Dream T Entertainment has made an official statement regarding Sojin’s contract and the group's future.

Image Source: Dream T Entertainment 

"Hello, this is Dream T Entertainment. We release this official statement regarding the reports related to Girl's Day today.

Sojin's exclusive contract with Dream T Entertainment is expiring in February 2019 and we have come to a decision to not renew the contract. The remaining members (Yura, Minah, Hyeri) also have contracts expiring this year so they are in discussion with the company in many ways.

There is no intention to disband Girl's Day's group activities. We are seeking ways for them to do activities together in the future.

We ask for a lot of support so that all of the members can be more active and branch out into diverse activities. Thank you."

Girl's Day debuted back in 2010 and once renewed their contract with Dream T Entertainment in 2017. Their last comeback is 'I'll Be Yours' in 2017.

Stay tuned for updates!

Source: [Youtube] GIRL'S DAY

Thumbnail Credit: Dream T Entertainment 

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