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Solji Confirmed EXID`s Comeback as 5-Member Group is Happening This Year


|  5 Jul, 2018

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EXID will be back as a 5-member-girl group soon! 

On July 4th, Solji went live on 'V LIVE' to greet and communicate personally with fans. During the live broadcast, Solji talked about various things and answered fans' questions. One of the fans then asked her about her current health condition. Solji revealed that she is getting better. Not only that, she also hinted that she will be back to the team soon!

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Image Source: Facebook 'EXIDOfficial'

Solji said, "My health is getting much better. I have been fully recovered now." She also said that she is keeping up with EXID's releases during her break. She said, "I learned 'DDD' choreography. Since I've been not dancing for a long time, it's very fun." She continued, "I am preparing things so that I can greet you all again. I cannot tell you the exact date but I will greet you as a soloist and as an EXID member this year."

Back in 2016, EXID's Solji was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Hyperthyroidism is a disease more common in women than men and is caused by an excess of hormone production in one’s thyroids.

So, are you ready for EXID's comeback sometime this year, LEGOs?

Source: [Youtube] EXID_OFFICIAL

Thumbnail Credit: BANANA CULTURE

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