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Song Hyekyo Stuns with Her Elegance in the First Still Cuts of His Upcoming tvN Drama with Park Bogum


| 16 Oct, 2018

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The first stills from the drama are out! 

On October 16th, tvN released the first still cuts from their upcoming drama 'Encounter' (previously known as 'Boyfriend'). The first still cuts feature Song Hyekyo, who plays the character of Cha Soohyun. She looks elegant in tailored ivory and navy dresses. 

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Image Source: tvN

'Encounter' will focus the story on Cha Soohyun (Song Hyekyo) and Kim Jinhyuk (Park Bogum). Cha Soohyun is a divorced mother who comes from a wealthy family. She was forced into an arranged marriage by her mother, who sacrificed Cha Soohyun's happiness for her husband's career. However, Cha Soohyun's wealthy husband soon leaves her and their child.

On the other hand, Kim Jinhyuk is an average man who works various part-time jobs while applying to various companies. After being rejected by multiple companies, he goes on a trip abroad where he meets a certain woman. Kim Jinhyuk is described as an innocent young man who knows how to find happiness in small things.

The drama is scheduled to start airing sometime this November, following the end of 'The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.'

Source: [Youtube] KBS 안테나

Thumbnail Credit: tvN, 아시아투데이

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