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Sooyoung Shared a Screenshot of Her Group Chat with Her Members and There`s a Common Thing That will Melt Your Heart


| 28 Nov, 2018

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The members are just repeating similar lines for each other. 

Girls Generation's Sooyoung has recently opened up her Instagram for questions through the questions sticker that could be found in the application. She took time to answer questions that fans sent in and shared unseen pictures in response to those questions too. One of them was a screenshot she shared of her group chat with her Girls' Generation members.

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The question, or more like a comment, sent in was "Taenggoo(Taeyeon) unnie said that she misses Syoong(Sooyoung) unnie during her live broadcast." To this, Sooyoung uploaded a screenshot that included all sorts of confessions sent across the members that filled their chatroom. 

Image Source: Instagram 'sooyoungchoi'

From the first one viewable in the screenshot going, "I want to say I miss you and love you" followed by "Ah hahahaha," "Thank you always," "Send pictures quickly I want to see it," to "I am getting dizzy... Faster faster..." By the side, Sooyoung added her respond too, "I know too. 'Miss you' that is going wild in Girls' Generation's nowadays group chatroom." 

Source: [Youtube] SMTOWN

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram 'sooyoungchoi'

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