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Stray Kids` Felix and Bangchan Hilariously Demonstrated the Drastic Different when Greeting in Australian English and Korean


| 23 Sep, 2018

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Here's how Felix and Bangchan greet in Australian English and in Korean. 

In the first episode of 'The 9th Season 3,' the remaining members entered a plain studio first before Bangchan, Felix and Hwan 'join' them. Taking on the character as 'transfer students,' the 3 members were asked to introduce themselves and here's how Felix and Bangchan did.

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Starting off enthusiastically, the two went, "G'day fellas! I am Bangchan, I am Felix and we are from Australia!" After the high energy introduction, their members got them to introduce themselves in Korean again and immediately their tone went down and calm going, "Hi, I am Bangchan. I am Felix. Nice to meet you..." 

Image Source: Youtube 'Stray Kids' Screenshot

Watch the moment at the 7:20 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Stray Kids

Thumbnail Credit: 0915Tenderness

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