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Suga Revealed He Cried After BTS` Performance at the AMAs Due to Anxiety


| 12 Jun, 2018

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Suga shared how being success brings him a lot of concerns.

On June 11th, BTS released the special video 'BTS Team Dinner' for '2018 BTS FESTA.' During the talk in the video, Suga picked a question, "2017 was a year with big achievements including 'BBMAs', AMAs', etc. What did these things give you?" 

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Image Source: Youtube 'BANGTANTV' Screenshot

Suga answered, "It wasn't like that for me during 'BBMAs' but I cried after we performed at 'AMAs' while taking shower. I was scared." He continued, "You know, it's beyond what I've imagined. Actually, they were things that I've never even imagined. I was thinking about the pressure I have to endure."

Meanwhile, you can watch the full episode of 'BTS Team Dinner' above.

Source: [Youtube] BANGTANTV

Thumbnail Credit: SOTB, SUting GArd

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