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Suga`s Song about Nationalism Come into Light Following BTS` Possible Collaboration with AKB48 Producer


| 14 Sep, 2018

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The song Suga produced when he was in the 2nd grade of his high school has once again garnered attention. 

It was '518-062.' The song was composed and produced by Gloss, who is none other than Suga. Named before he became a trainee. He was an underground rapper in Daegu, as a member of Hip Hop Crew, D-TOWN. 

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The meaning of '518-062' is that Gwangju's area code is 062 and 518 is the date of the 5.18 Gwangju Democratization Movement. 'Five-one-eight from the o to the six two' has a meaning of the 5.18 movement that rose up in Gwangju and the song was made to ask people not to allow the uprising to fade little by little from their memories and to remember it once again.

As it's been revealed that BTS might collaborate with AKB48's producer, Yasushi Akimoto, the song has come into light. Fans look back on the song, questioning whether it's really necessary for BTS to collaborate producing music with someone else, especially with a Japanese -- Korea was once colonized by Japan -- even they have such talented members who have skills in producing songs. Leader RM is also well-known for his active participation in making BTS' songs.  

Source: [Youtube] 진조기어 사랑

Thumbnail Credit: SUGA coffee, Instiz

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