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Suho Danced [The Eve] at His Movie [Middle School Girl A] Stage Greeting?


| 20 Jun, 2018

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Suho danced to 'The Eve,' thanks to his own wordplay.

Along with the other casts of 'Middle School Girl A,' Suho attended stage greetings that were held on June 19th, a day prior to the actual release.

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Suho was thanking everyone who came to watch the movie and with it being the night before the official release, the EXO leader went, "Today is the day before the release..." before he changed to "The eve of(전야) the release..."

Image Source: Youtube 'rany huny' Screenshot

The audience laughed at the mention of the word before Suho smilingly did the signature choreography from their song, 'The Eve.' He immediately laughed after what he did but the audience went wild.

Watch the moment at the 0:51 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] rany huny

Thumbnail Credit: 우아

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