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Sunmi Shared How She Saw BLACKPINK`s Lisa`s Dance Scanning Ability and was Impressed with It


| 13 Sep, 2018

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Lisa’s dance-copy ability impressed even the senior in the industry.

Sunmi appeared on ‘Idol Room’ with her new release ‘Siren’ recently. For the show, she prepared other girl group dances too and excitedly shared that she had Red Velvet’s ‘Power Up’ prepared. The MCs mentioned that “It’s actually hard to see Sunmi dancing to girl group dances,’ when Sunmi explained that “That’s because I am slow at memorizing dances.”

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She mentioned that “I watched ‘Idol Room’ and Lisa was just looking at the dances and she could immediately do it,’ and shyly added that “I am not to that extent.” 

Image Source: Youtube ‘Hanadul set’ Screenshot 

Sunmi has her own style when it comes to dancing too, doesn’t she? Watch the moment starting from the 2:23 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] Hanadul set 

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