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Sunmi Wishes Wanna One`s Lee Daehwi Would Cover [Siren]... Here`s Why


| 12 Sep, 2018

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Sunmi shared her wish to see Wanna One's Lee Daehwi covering 'Siren.'

On September 11th, Sunmi came as the special guest of SBS Power FM's 'Park Sohyun's Love Game.' When MC Park Sohyun asked her who she hopes will cover 'Siren,' Sunmi picked Wanna One's Lee Daehwi. 

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Sunmi explained, "I heard that Wanna One's Lee Daehwi is a huge fan of me. He does a cover dance each time I release a song." She continued, "He has a beautiful line when dancing." She explained that she thinks Lee Daehwi would suit the choreography in the chorus, where she does a gesture inspired by the movements of a mermaid.

Image Source: SBS

During the broadcast, Sunmi also sent a video message to Lee Daehwi, saying, "Hello Daehwi, it's Sunmi. I made a comeback with 'Siren.' I forget where it was, maybe Taiwan, but you promised me that you'd upload a post on Wanna One’s fan cafe when I made a comeback." She laughed and said, "You haven't done that so I hope that you'll do a beautiful mermaid dance cover, instead."

Source: [Youtube] BR4NDNEWBOYS

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'BR4NDNEWBOYS' Screenshot, Yonhap News

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