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Super Junior Heechul`s Photo on His Driver License is Too Perfect That It will Make Your Jaw Dropped


/  5 Jun, 2018

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Kim Heechul has once again shocked fans with his ultimate visual game. 

On a broadcast of KBS2's '1 Percent Friendship,' Kim Heechul's driver license was revealed. As the license revealed, his photo was revealed on the broadcast. In the photo, Kim Heechul looks all handsome, even with minimum makeup on (or even not at all). All of his facial features are just perfect and even it's a photo from the past, Heechul in the photo is still the same as what Heechul looks like right now! 

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Image Source: KBS2

Are you shocked much too with Kim Heechul's profile picture on his driver license?

Source: [Youtube] KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

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