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Super Junior`s Heechul was So Close in Signing a 30 Years Contract with SM?


|  3 Jul, 2018

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Heechul recalled back the time when he was asked to sign a 30 years contract with SM because of his mother. 

In a recent episode on 'Life Bar,' a veteran actress shared how only after 30 years into her acting career that she was able to receive recognition from her parents while model Han Hyejin shared that it was the same case for her too. 

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On the topic, Heechul shared how happy were his parents when he signed with SM. The Super Junior member shared, "It was literally 'party tonight' on that day. My parents' friends' children would be so good in their studies and they would go to universities and all." 

Image Source: Youtube' tvN' Screenshot 

He added that "That's why when we were talking about the contract period, my mom went 'There's no other place that would take you in. Just stamp a 30-years long contract here. Just stamp first.'" 

Watch the moment at the 1:53 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] tvN

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