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TVXQ Surprised with Their Appearance at Only ONE Year End Show for 2018 and went Trending the Moment They Took the Stage


|  1 Jan

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The legends, the kings. 

There were 3 different year-end shows held on December 25th, December 28th and lastly December 31st with SBS, KBS, and MBC respectively. The setlist for SBS and KBS's year-end show were leaked before the performance and many would have known who would be performing and the order of it too. However, MBC's side was strict with their setlist and there was barely any to none who knew the setlist, until halfway through the show.

Wanna One performed TVXQ's 'Rising Sun' through a cover stage before the real TVXQ took the stage with 'Drop' as the intro, 'Mirotic' and 'The Chance of Love' before closing their stage with 'Truth.'

Image Source: Naver TV '2018 MBC 가요대제전' Screenshot 

Proving themselves as the true legends of KPOP, TVXQ went on Twitter and Naver trend the moment they performed. 

Image Source: Twitter 'MY_TJF', 'jungdeeks' 

The keywords that were trending were 'TVXQ, 'U-know Yunho' and 'Choi Kang Changmin' taking the first 3 slots at their appearance and stayed in the trending list later too. 

Watch their performance in the video above! 

Source: [NAVER TV] 2018 MBC 가요대제전

Thumbnail Credit: Naver TV '2018 MBC 가요대제전' Screenshot 

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