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TVXQ`s Yunho Started Trending on Twitter Out of a Sudden and Here`s What Exactly Happened


|  1 Oct, 2018

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Yunho became a topic on Twitter... For his life mottos. 

The trend word '유노윤호' (U-Know Yunho) started making its way up the Twitter trending list on September 30th out of a sudden without him releasing any new works or making any broadcast appearance neither was it because of any controversy. It was all because of the way he lives his life. 

Image Source: Twitter 

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The main tweet that triggered the wave was as below. 

Image Source: Twitter 'ddolchubian777  Screenshot 

"It was really tiring today so I brainwashed myself that I am U-Know Yunho that is tireless and worked. 'I am U-Know Yunho, I am enjoying every moment I live. I can easily overcome something such as hardship. I am tireless. I am U-Know Yunho." 

Image Source: JTBC

This is closely felt by those who are working hard to live their life and the 'Yunho' spirit was used as a form of life motto, a form of mental encouragement and push to one for them to not be beaten by the hardships in life. With it being so relatable, tweets that chanted, "I am U-Know Yunho, I will not be easily beaten" filled the timeline, resulting in it becoming a trending topic. 

Image Source: Twitter 

Yunho is the spirit!

Source: [Youtube] JTBC Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: imbc

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