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TWICE`s Chaeyoung AMAZED with Her Change of Makeup That Totally Gave Her an Image Change


/  6 Jun, 2018

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All she did, was going through a makeup change. 

TWICE's Chaeyoung has always been giving off the bubbly and sweet image with her bright personality but also recently adding on with a boyish charm with her short bob too. However, little did fans expect to see another new side of her

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At TWICE's recent concert in Seoul, Chaeyoung gave fans a pleasant surprise with her new look and all that was different on her was her style of makeup she had during the concert. Unlike the cuter makeup she usually has, she was spotting a fiercer makeup with cat-eye eye line drawn, plus a mesmerizing pair of contact lens too. 

Check out the pictures right below! 

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Source: [Youtube] Vivid film

Thumbnail Credit: honey chaeng, blossom

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