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TWICE's Nayeon Did a Clean All-Kill with Her Unique 3-Line Poem with Running Man Casts' Names


/  6 May, 2018

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It started with Nayeon and ended with Nayeon.

On their recent appearance on Running Man, the girls went one round with a 3-line poem challenge with either their names or the casts’ names.

Nayeon started off with Kim Jongkook’s name and here’s how she did it. 

“I want to eat (Kim)chi fried rice...”

Jong: “I want to eat it with (Jong)kook...”

Kook: “Kookookkakka (baby language)”

Image Source: Youtube 'ONCEuponaTWICE2' Screenshot

Her poem was simple but the overloaded cuteness were fatal. The girls went one round and landed back on Nayeon, this time, with Lee Kwangsoo’s name.

“From now on...”

Kwang: “(Kwang)soo falls for me...”

Soo: “Soori soori... Masoori... Yap!(spell casting)” 

Image Source: Youtube 'ONCEuponaTWICE2' Screenshot

Watch the moments at the 0:25 and 2:03 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] ONCEuponaTWICE2

Thumbnail Credit: Heartflipped

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