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TWICE's Nayeon has Become Everyone's Talk After Her Ultimate Aegyo were on Broadcast


/ 30 Apr, 2018

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Everyone has been wondering how a person can be as adorable as Nayeon.  


On the April 29th episode of SBS' Running Man,' TWICE came as the guests. During the episode, the girls were involved in an aegyo acrostic poem battle, which was suggested by Nayeon. The girls used their own name and the cast names to show off their adorable acrostic poem. Among all, Nayeon was shocked everyone with her overflowing charms.  


Seeing how she stroke with her aegyo, MC Yoo Jaesuk commented, "She's an aegyo expert," while Lee Kwangsoo said, "She needs to be designated a Living National Treasure immediately!" 




Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Running Man' Screenshot 

Watch the video above to find out more!



Source: [Youtube] SBS Running Man

Thumbnail Credit: NAMON, SBS 

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