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TWICE went for a Halloween Concept at Their Fan Meet and It Completely Turned Into a Real Halloween Party with Their Dressup


| 29 Oct, 2018

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9 different characters, all done with top-notch effort. 

TWICE had their fan meeting on October 28th and with Halloween just around the corner, the girls brought the whole event into another level, with their unbelievable dress up which stunned everyone. All 9 members dressed up into different characters and here's what they were.

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Jungyeon - Kaonashi

Image Source: island_JY_diary

Jihyo - Princess Tiger Lily

Image Source: Wink Angel0204 

Sana - Queen of Hearts

Image Source: 마쉬멜로우 

Nayeon - Catwoman

Image Source: carrot juice 

Momo - Cruella de Vil

Image Source:모구모구 

Dahyun - Annabelle

Image Source: Flower dance 

Mina - Ahmanet(Mummy)

Image Source: Doodoo

Tzuyu - Emily The Corpse Bride

Image Source: crushtwice 

Chaeyoung - Joker

Image Source: honeychaeng

Source: [Youtube] hyun현

Thumbnail Credit: Doo doo 

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