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Taeyeon Just Gave a Thai Sone the Best Birthday of Her Life as She Personally Did a Sweet Gesture for Her at a Recent Concert


|  4 Dec, 2018

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It was double the happiness on this day for that SONE. 

Taeyeon was recently in Bangkok, Thailand for her 'S' tour in the city on December 1st. As the veteran idol she is, she once again amazed and brought irreplaceable memories for her Thai fans who came to see her at the concert. During her talk on this day, Taeyeon asked if there was everyone whose birthday falls on that very day when everyone started to jump and say it's theirs. 

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Taeyeon then spotted a fan holding up a banner that says 'Unnie my birthday today~ Please sing me a song.'

Image Source: Youtube 'Well N’Alive' Screenshot 

The Girls' Generation's leader then checked with the fan again if it was really her birthday and immediately sang her a birthday song in Korean from the stage. She later asked the fan for her name before singing the birthday song again in English. 

Image Source: Twitter '309KTYSS' 

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] Well N’Alive

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '309KTYSS,' 숨결

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