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Taeyeon`s Little Sister Uploaded a Cover Song on Youtube, Everyone`s Mind-Blown


/ 13 Jun, 2018

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People are falling in love with Kim Hayeon, a little sister of Girls Generation's Taeyeon. 

Kim Hayeon was born in 1998, nine years younger than Taeyeon. On June 11th, Kim Hayeon's cover song was uploaded on Youtube through Music of Music's official channel. She sang 'Why,' which was originally sung by Sabrina Carpenter.

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Image Source: Instiz

On the other news, there are rumors saying that Kim Hayeon is a trainee of SM Entertainment. It has not been confirmed but, in fact, she is working on her dream to be a singer. We might have her debuting soon! 

You can watch the beautiful cover above. 

Source: [Youtube] Music Of Music

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'Music Of Music' Screenshot, Instiz 

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