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The Epic Expression Highlight`s Doojoon Had When a Extinguished Match Stick Relighted in His Hands will Never Be Forgotten


|  7 Oct, 2018

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Doojoon still had it in his hand thinking that it was extinguished... When it's not. 

Highlight went on 'My Little Television' in the past and did a camping setting of a filming. At one point of time, Doojoon was holding onto a lighted matchstick and started to be really anxious when it was about to reach his fingers. He screamed "Put out the fire! Put out the fire!" before Kikwang and Dongwoon blew it out. 

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Thinking that it was already put out, Doojoon let his guard off and kept on holding onto it while trying to join the conversation. However, it was a lucky thing that Kikwang was able to see the matchstick being relighted and the shocked expression on Doojoon's face literally shouted 'Save me!'

Watch the moment in the Instagram post right above! 

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이) & [Instagram] flawlessvideos_

Thumbnail Credit: Du Saram

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